Fiber optic splice closure is the equipment used to offer room to fuse splice optical fiber and also to provide protections for the fused fiber joint point and the fiber cables. Typical fiber optic splice closure and vertical type and horizontal type, there are various kinds of fiber splice closures suit for different applications, such as aerial, duct fiber cables and direct buried. Generally, fiber optic splice closures are used outdoors, some even used underwater.
Horizontal type splice closures look like flat or cylindrical case. They provide space and protection for optical cable splicing and joint. They can be mounted aerial, buried, or for underground applications. Vertical type of fiber optic splice closures looks like a dome, thus they are also called dome fiber optic splice closure. They meet the same specification as the horizontal types. They are designed for buried applications.

Available In following Combinations :

Technical Specification Type
Closure In-Line Type , Dome Type , FTTX Dome Type
Fiber Type Loose Fiber , Ribbon compatible
Number Of Fibers 24f , 48f , 96f , 144f , 288f

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