A patch panel is a mounted hardware assembly that contains ports,that are used to connect the outgoing and incoming LAN cables. A patch panel uses patch cords, a sort of jumper cable to create each interconnection. Patch panel is also known as patch bay. Patch bays are usually attached to network racks,either above or below the switches. A patch panel only functions as a connector. Patch panel allows the circuit to be arranged or rearranged by plugging and unplugging the cords.
A patch panel is an essential array of port on one panel. Each port connects, via a patch cable and connects to the other to the other port wherever within the radius area. When the patch panels are out of the LAN, they can connect computers to another computer and to outside lines. Troubleshooting problems can be simplified with the patch panels as they provide a single location for all the input jacks

Available In following Combinations :

Technical Specification Type
Mounting Rack Mount
Panels Fixed Front Panels , Slide-Out Variety
Units 2U , 4U
Adapter plates 4Plates , 6Plates , 12 Plates

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