Fiber optic pigtail is a fiber cable end with fiber optic connectors at only either end of the cable. Fiber optic pigtails are utilized to achieve accurate mounting for precision alignment of fiber optical components. They are usually used with fiber optic management like splice closures, cross cabinets and ODF. A fiber pigtail is a single, short, usually unbuffered, optical fiber which has an optical connector pre-installed on one end along with a period of exposed fiber in the other end.
Fiber pigtails can have female or male connectors. Female connectors might be mounted in a patch panel. The male connectors are plug directly into an optical transceiver. As the fibers must have connectors fitted before they can affix to other equipment. Fiber pigtails may be one of the common solutions for fiber cable termination, the inclusion of connectors to every optical fiber in a cable. The common categories of single mode and multimode.

Technical Specification Type
Connector SC , LC , FC , ST
Mode Single Mode , Multimode
Cable Simplex
Length As per requirment

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