A fiber optic splitter, also known as a beam splitter. An optic fiber splitter is based on a quartz substrate of an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device. The fiber optic splitter is one of the most important passive device in the fiber optic link. The optical fiber splitter device has many input and output terminals. It is especially applicable to a passive optical network to connect the MDF and the terminal equipment and to branch the optical signal.
The FBT splitter offers low cost. Common materials (quartz substrate, stainless steel, fiber, hot dorm, GEL)are used and an adjustable splitting ratio. It offers poor spectral uniformity, and is temperature sensitive.PLC splitters offer a better solution for larger applications. Waveguides are fabricated using lithography onto a silica glass substrate, which allows for routing specific percentages of light

Available In following Combinations :

Technical Specification Type
FBT Splitter 1:8, 1:16
FDMS Type 1:2 , 2:2
PLC Splitter 2:8, 2:4

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